ELT Series Ink

extreme low temperature plastisol ink


Solutions for your screen printing problems are here.  ONE STROKE INKS has developed extreme low temperature plastisol inks for screen printing virtually any fabric.  All you have to change is the temperature of your conveyor dryer.  tech sheet




100% Polyester fabrics are very likely to cause plastisol ink dye migration problems.  ELT stops dye migration by combining our low bleed technology with an ultra-low cure temperature.  Even with sublimated polyester, ELT Series presents a solution utilizing our Digital Black Underbase.  Dye migration will soon be a thing of the past.



Neon, vintage, pigment dyed, and numerous other specialty colors in the fashion industry can change colors under high heat necessary to fully cure plastisol ink.  ELT Series flashes faster and cures lower to keep your colors bright.  Also, ghosting can occur on polyester and cotton/polyester blends at higher temperatures.  ELT is a ghost-free formula.



High temperatures are sure to cause shrinking problems with numerous materials.  For example, 100% polyester hoodies have recently become a problem where the print side of the garment may shrink many inches in the conveyor dryer.  Once again, lower temperatures come to the rescue.

eco friendly_

Consider your energy costs.  By simply turning down the heat on your conveyor dryer, you will be saving your company thousands of dollars a year.  As an added bonus, your employees will enjoy a cooler shop in the summer time.


ELT Series is a universal screen printing ink.  This means it will print on any fabric including:  cotton, poly/cotton, polyester, nylon, polypropylene, and stretch blends.  One ink is all you need whether you print tees, sweats, athletics, jackets, bags, or all of the above.  This is yet another cost saving measure ELT Series will bring to your shop.  Keep a lower inventory with ELT.


For the worst fabrics such as sublimated uniforms and digital camo, we have created ELT Digital Black Underbase.  This unique ink will simply halt dye migration in its tracks.  When you need a sure thing, this is it.  tech sheet


Recommended Curing:

250ºF to 320ºF*

*View the tech sheet for fabric specifics.

Screen Mesh:

61-230 Monofilament

*Most athletic prints are best at 110 mesh.

Flash Time:

3 to 4 seconds*

*Standard flash unit. Quartz is quicker.

CPSIA Tested:

Non-Phthalate Ink

Waterproof Printing:

Add 10% Nylon Catalyst

Color Selection:

Stock & Custom Colors


ELT Series can also be very useful as a low temperature transfer.  Whether you are fighting with print placement or simply a rough print due to fuzzy polyester, our special low temperature transfers with ELT are a fantastic idea.  View our advertisement to see how these high tech transfers can help you out.  ELT Transfers


No more misprints.  Lowering the temperature of your conveyor dryer combined with printing the ELT Series inks will consistently save you money by preventing the need to replace garments damaged by high heat or prints ruined by dye migration.


Additionally, the ELT Series inks are very soft, easy to print, and extremely stretchable.  The smooth finish allows for excellent detail and texture free prints.